"Win the Campus, Change the World!"
This is the vision given by God to us, the campus ministry of CCC. We believe this is not just a slogan, but an ever-developing reality.

Global Sending

We started our work on missionary since the 1980s. We look forward to work with other partners, to promote mission ministry and to send more brothers and sisters as missionaries around the world, for helping to fulfill the Great Commission.

Our task is to answer this question - How can we find with work of God in cities, and how can we participate and support them.

Global Church

By the power of the Holy Spirit, we help the local church embrace the vision of "making disciples according to her own characteristics " through the  "Win, Build, Send" strategy.

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Prayer and Giving

If you are interested to support HKCCC as a whole, a particular ministry or a staff member of HKCCC through financial giving.

Let your prayer help change the world. Welcome to browse Latest Prayer Items , pray for our ministries.